Bots. What They Are and 5 Reasons Why You Should Care

For a business to grow, it needs to engage customers. And the more personalized the experience is, the likelier for it to generate results.

Chatbots are one such technological innovation in Digital Marketing, using Artificial Intelligence which strives to make interactions between brands and its target consumers more personal.

A Bot is an AI programmed to handle queries for your business, by mimicking human conversation.

According to Evernote Founder, Phil Libin, the world is going to be “rewritten” based on Bots. And their use is becoming increasingly universal. Sam Lessin, the CEO of Fin, claims that the rise of chat-based UI will signify “a fundamental shift that is going to change the types of applications that get developed and the style of service development.”

Here are 5 Reasons why bots will not just be another futuristic innovation, but a crucial tool for your business.

Bots for Community Management

Bots are a powerful force in social media, . Bots are very widely used in Twitter, and can potentially influence how information spreads.

On social media, the presence of community management is an important marker on how ‘social’ a brand is, and available to consumers who need to get in touch with the business, or needs any kind of assistance in decision making. Bots can be very effective tools for community management, always available and ready to serve. Bots can handle hundreds of customers at a time, which can prove challenging for human salesman.

Bots As Salesmen


Bots can help you sell your products, by interacting with consumers. They can be programmed to respond to customers in very specific ways. For example, suppose you run a non—banking financial institution and a potential customer messages you to inquire about home loans, your bots can engage the customer by responding on your behalf, providing the customer with the information he needs, even making recommendations on packages, as well as gathering data on the consumer.

Acquiring Business Insights

Bots are automated decision making assistants for your customers.

Sophisticated bots can be used to profile potential customers, and help identify leads. Simply based on storing the questions it is asked, Bots can help you manage your inventory, or your services accordingly. Bots can help you profile customers, identify their demand for your services, and gather crucial insights on how to serve them better. Information can also be used for content strategy, to promote your products better.

Converse, Engage and Convert

The more personal an interaction is, the more effective it is in lead conversion, and drive brand loyalty. Bots engage target consumers with conversation. And just like human beings, they remember who said what.

Bots For Online Payments

More and more bots across the world are enabled to handle online transactions with just a few clicks, making it easier for customers to make payments and helping businesses to generate revenue. While it is not yet available in Bangladesh, we may see it very soon.

In this moment in the marketing landscape, social media platforms provides terrain for brands to compete with one another. One major setback for brands in this brave new world is, the terrains keep changing, as social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and the rest) constantly change algorithms, making organic reach more difficult and expensive to attain. This is where bots can be a reliable tool, to brave such an adversity.

Bots and Artificial Intelligence mirrors what Google did to the internet in the nineties. We are heading towards a future where Articial Intelligence drives innovation. Google is also moving from mobile based platform to a machine learning based platform.

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