Client: Arla Foods Bangladesh Ltd.

Type of Product: Dairy Product

Service Provided: Digital Campaign, Content Creation

Dano Captain

The Power of Your Adventure

DANO Captain is one of the brands launched under the umbrella of Arla, which is the world’s oldest cross-border dairy cooperative.

DANO has been a household name in Bangladesh for more than three decades. Arla Foods Bangladesh Ltd. launched a new brand named DANO Captain in 2018. It’s a chocolate mixed milk powder with all of the essential vitamins & minerals and it is targeted primarily towards the young children of 6 – 17 years.

The Idea

Children are fundamentally imaginative. Therefore, we wanted to create a video content that stimulated the imaginative power of the kids through a great story with an immersive approach to product placement. To do this, we have brought the characters on the pack to life through an adventure story. On the other hand, since our TG is not easily reachable on digital media, we created a bespoke media strategy to effectively reach them.

The Execution

We produced a 3D animated video content. The communication utilized the characters on the pack (Captain, Robin & Riya) going on an adventure to seek for hidden treasure. We took inspiration from the animation masters such as the Disney and Pixar films to create a similar look. The story’s basis was to cater to the adventurous minds of the kids. The story along with the 3D animation visual was done completely using Bangladeshi animation resources. Extensive amount of research was done to create the most iconic art direction for the video. When it came to 3D animation content, the scale of production was nothing done by any other brand in Bangladesh.

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