Plan Your Day with Banglalink Apps

Campaign Brief

Banglalink, one of the largest telecommunication service providers in Bangladesh has a host of useful apps for it’s young, technologically savvy target market. These apps are built to come in handy throughout various situations each day in the life a customer, be it to monitor traffic, to find text books, music, or purchase Internet Data. The objective of this campaign was to communicate the existence, and usefulness of these very apps, and how they add value to Banglalink consumers.

Our Approach

We wanted to execute the objective in the simplest and most effective possible way. To show these very apps in action in the daily life of the average Banglalink Consumer. We conducted research to understand the daily habits of Banglalink’s target market and tried to understand ways in which Banglalink’s apps add value to them, and created a web video depicting life from the POV of a Banglalink customer.

Campaign Summary

  • Category: Content Creation
  • Client: Banglalink Digital
  • Agency: Beatnik

Campaign Results

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